10 Tips on Choosing the Best Feather Pillows for New Homeowners

best feather pillows

Did you know that the best feather pillows can last up to 20 years according to experts? If you are after a pillow that is soft as a cloud, luxurious, and incredibly long-lasting, then feather is it. 

Of course, not all of us want to keep our pillows for 20 years as this can result in increased allergen build-ups. However, this is less likely with feather pillows thanks to their air-filled structure. 

What’s more, because they are so long-lasting, feather pillows will keep their fluff throughout their lifespan. 

In short, if you are opting for feature pillows, you’re making a good choice. However, you also want to make sure you are buying high-quality feather pillows—and avoid the poorly manufactured options. 

Not all feather pillows are created equal. From the filling that goes into them, to their casings, and their firmness, it’s important to know what to look for when you are shopping for feather pillows. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your money on cheaply made pillows that won’t be comfortable or longlasting. 

Want to get clued up on how to spot the most luxurious of feather pillows? Keep reading. 

1. Check the Composition

One of the first things to check when shopping for feather pillows is the composition. This is because feather pillows are not necessarily always filled with feathers. 

Feather pillows can be comprised of a mixture of feathers and down, or pure feathers, or pure down. 

Besides this, the type of feathers and down can also vary. Two common feather and down types used for pillows and luxury bed products are goose and duck. 

Duck down and feathers are considered to be inferior to goose down and feathers. The reason for this is that duck down has less fill power and is heavier. Feathers and down from geese, on the other hand, are lighter and fluffier, which makes for better quality pillows and duvets. 

2. Get Clued up on Down vs Feathers

When looking for the best feather pillows, it’s important that you know the difference between down and feather fillings. 

In most cases, down is considered to be the better and more high-quality option. Down pillows are lighter, softer, and more longlasting. What’s more, because down does not have pointy shafts like features, down pillows tend to leak fewer feathers over time. 

However, this does not mean that there is no place for a feather filled pillow. Feather pillows tend to be denser and heavier. Because of this, they can be squashed into different shapes, which can be ideal for some people. 

Additionally, the denser structure may be preferable for those who like a firmer pillow. If you would like to look at a high-quality feather pillow option, you can browse our feather blend pillow that’s filled with jowl and back goose feathers (these are some of the softest). 

Overall, however, down-filled pillows are considered to be of better quality and more longlasting. Down compacts less than feathers which allows down pillows to puff up time and time again to their original size. 

In contrast, feather pillows can develop clumps over time and lose their original amount of fluff power. 

3. Select the Right Firmness

Speaking of firmness, selecting the right amount is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Most good pillow manufactures and sellers will specify the firmness of feather pillows. For example, on our site, you can select between medium and firm softness. 

However, what if you don’t know what firmness you need in a pillow? If so, here are a few things to consider. 

If you aren’t sure what firmness of pillow to get, think about your preferred sleeping position. Firstly, are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper?

Back and side sleepers generally do better with firmer pillows as these provide adequate support to keep your head higher up and aligned with your spine. 

On the other hand, stomach sleepers often do better with softer pillows. These tend to allow for more compression and allow one’s head to sink lower to maintain spine alignment. 

Another thing to think about when deciding on pillow firmness is your mattress. If your mattress is very soft, then you may want to opt for a softer pillow. Otherwise, your body may sink down further than your head, causing your spine to rest at an angle. 

In contrast, if your mattress is on the firmer side, then you may find that firmer pillows work best. This is because soft pillows may cause your head to sink more than your body. 

4. Look at Fill Power

When looking for the best feather pillows, another thing to check is fill power. Because down and feathers vary in their quality and fluffiness, feather products are often given a fill power rating. 

Fill power ratings are an industry specification that measures the quality of down. It indicates the down’s ability to trap air and insulate.

Generally speaking fill power ratings of between 450 to 500 are average. Above-average is anything over this, and fill ratings of over 650 are exceptional. 

If you are shopping online, make sure to check the description box on the product listing of any down or feather pillows. If you do not seel a fill power rating listed, this is generally not a good sign.

5. Down Pillows Are Never Pure Down

If you are searching for luxury bed products and pure down pillows, it’s important to keep in mind that no down pillow can ever be 100% down. If a product description states this, take this as a warning sign. 

Why is this?

Well, when down is harvested it is all but impossible to make sure that not one feature enters the mix. Geese and ducks will generally have a few feathers mixed into their down. During harvesting, any small stray feathers present will remain with the down. 

For these reasons, you will notice that most down pillows you see for sale will list their composition as anything from 80% down to 90% down. In reality, there might be more down in the pillow than stated, because manufacturers are required to make a conservative estimate. 

6. Check the Thread Count

Another important spec to check when shopping for feather pillows for beds is the thread count on the case. The higher the thread count, the denser, and more high-quality the fabric.

This is essential for making sure that stray feathers don’t slip through the fabric. As we mentioned above, even down pillows are likely to contain a certain percentage of feathers. Even though this is less than 20% or 10%, it still means there is a chance that a feather might poke through your pillow’s case, if it’s not made from high thread count cotton.

If you are unfamiliar with how thread counts work, here are the basics. Thread counts range from below 100 right up into the thousands. These numbers indicate the number of threads that are woven into one square inch of fabric. This means that the higher the thread count number, the denser, and more durable the fabric. 

As a general rule of thumb, fabric with a thread count of under 200 is low quality. Above 200 is acceptable for certain types of bedding. Most people consider thread counts above 400 to be of good quality. 

In general, a thread count of more than 400 should be sufficient for a feather pillow, especially if it contains mostly down. 

8. Check the Place of Manufacture and Feather Source

If you are looking for the best feather pillows, you may also want to check the place of manufacture and the country of origin of the feathers or down. 

Generally speaking, feather pillows produced in the USA or in Europe are made to higher quality standards than those imported from China. Although China does produce some good quality feather products, higher-end bedding is usually produced in Europe or the US.

When checking the origin of the down and feather content, a similar rule applies. Additionally, there are some renowned areas for high-quality feather and down exports, such as Hungary and Italy. 

9. Avoid Cheap Feather Pillows

A final recommendation when buying feather pillows is to avoid cheap options. Cheap feather pillows are typically filled with inferior quality feathers.

These pillows won’t be all that soft or comfortable. What’s more, they won’t last very long and are prone to wearing flat within a short space of time. 

Are You Looking for the Best Feather Pillows?

For the uninformed, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for good quality feather pillows. However, once you know what to look for, finding the best feather pillows isn’t hard. 

Especially now that you have found us. Here at Enchante Home, we specialize in providing superior bed, bath, and textile products to our customers. All of our feather pillows are made in Turkey, using Italien sourced down and feathers. 

Browse our feather pillow ranges today to enjoy the superior quality you are searching for. 

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