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The 5 Round Beach Towels to Buy in 2018

Summer Round Cotton Turkish Beach Towel

Round beach towels are gaining popularity and are anticipated to be the next big beach accessory.  If you haven’t seen a Turkish round beach towel yet, now’s the time to take a look! These towels offer a bigger surface area for lounging, picnicking, and drying off than the usual rectangular towels. They also stand out as beach towels that all look similar, making it easier to pin your spot after a refreshing dip in the water. Enchante Home LOVES these Turkish round beach towels and we’ve picked five of our favorites to feature here.  We are so enamored with Turkish Cotton beach towels, we offer ours at wholesale prices that can’t be beaten.

Why Choose Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels, made from luxurious long-staple cotton, have long been the premium towels to stock in the bathroom.  That same luxury is now available to take to the beach!  Round Turkish Beach Towels boast soft cotton and handmade fringes.  They’re large enough for you to spread out for yourself or to share with friends.  Turkish cotton also dries quickly, a must-have for a great beach towel.  They are lightweight and fold up well for easy packing.  At 60″ round, these towels can even double as tablecloths or shawls when the clouds roll in.

What image says beach, summer, and sea more than a starfish?  We can’t think of anything better, but the design is just the start of the great features this towel has to offer!  The generous size of this towel is perfect no matter if it’s just you catching the rays, or for your family to enjoy together. The solid blue background is the perfect shade for summer and will make your towel stand out.

A deep, beautiful red with a subtle anchor design, this towel definitely makes our top five list.  The gorgeous color is easy to pick out and will hide any marks until you get it home to wash.  Made with the trademark Turkish cotton, the long threading construction provides a softer fabric than other beach towels.  Once you’ve lain down, you’ll find it hard to want to get back up!

Transport yourself to the tropics with the gorgeous graphic featured on this towel.  Palm trees, white sands, and turquoise seas provide the stunning backdrop for your day at the beach.  Soft, luxurious fabric makes your sunbathing more comfortable than ever before.  Spread this beautiful towel out and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Tie-dye designs and summer go hand in hand and the Indigo Round Turkish Beach Towel features a stunning tie-dye pattern in deep indigo and crisp white. Super absorbent Turkish cotton makes this beach towel the softest, most luxurious towel you’ll ever own.

The Beach Sense towel features the handmade fringe of the other towels and the same cotton fabric.  The dark gray material is a classic choice for the beach and provides a rich hue that’s sure to be different from the myriad of fluorescent, bright colors found on the other towels.

No matter which Turkish round beach towel you fall in love with, Enchante Home knows you’ll find it here.  With these beach towels on sale, order one, a few, or all of them for every member of your family!

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