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6 Stunning White Bathroom Decor Ideas You Need to See

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The color white is the absence of color and it does the best job at reflecting light out of any other color in the spectrum. So if you’re looking for a color to paint your bathroom that will make it look lighter and brighter, white is the way to go. 

Don’t shy away from white bathroom decor because of the cleaning aspect, there are products for that. Ready to make things look fresher but still need inspiration? Get some design tips for white bathroom looks below. 

1. White Bathroom Tiles: Subway Inspiration

Have you ever heard of subway tiles? They’re both a type of tile and a descriptor. They were made popular by the New York subway stations, who needed something to put on their walls.

They’re long, white rectangular, semi-sheened tiles that give a simple but not simplistic look to your bathroom or even your kitchen backsplash.

If you’re going to do an all-white or a mostly white bathroom and don’t want to spend tons of money on tiles, let subway tiles be your go-to.

Where to Put Subway Tiles in Your Bathroom

The only downside to subway tiles is that they’re small, which leaves you a lot of grout to clean every so often, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing where to put them in your bathroom.

If you put subway tiles in your shower, then you’ll have to clean them more often. Use them as the backsplash to your sink or behind your mirror for grout that won’t get as dirty as quickly.

You can always use silicone-based grout for easier cleaning, no matter where you use your subway tiles.

2. Go With White Shiplap

Shiplap is a huge interior design trend right now, as it adds texture and interest to a room without overwhelming it. Unfortunately, real, reclaimed shiplap is more expensive than most of us can afford (or at least want to spend).

And the amount of humidity your bathroom experiences doesn’t make a good environment for real shiplap. What should you do to still get that look you like? Fake it!

There are white-wood looking tiles, both ceramic and laminate. Or you could go with a simple wide-wood paneling, painted white, and sealed with outdoor paint. Vertical boards next to each other on your wall still say “shiplap” but without that price tag.

Pair your white walls with the same color towels, bathroom curtains, and hand towels, and you’ve got an aesthetic anyone can appreciate.

Want to add a pop of color? Get a colorful rug and let it act as the center of the room.

Or keep the white body towels, but layer decorative hand towels over them in a colorful pattern – don’t overdo it or you’ll overdo the simple white vibe you’re going for.

3. Laquered Cabinets

If you love the idea of an all-white bathroom, but the idea of keeping it clean scares you, we have a solution. Laquered cabinets have a glass-looking sheen to them that are easy to clean and don’t show things like fingerprints.

They’ll add a modern touch to your vanity and your cabinet faces without you having to wipe them down with pledge regularly.

Balance out those all-white cabinets with some gold or matte black hardware pulls. Long tubular modern-looking pulls are trending right now and are available at most local hardware stores.

4. Keep It White, But Add Green

Maybe you already have an all-white bathroom, but you’re looking to make it feel less clinical and more welcoming.

First, you may want to examine the shades of white you’re using. It may be time to trade in your old bathroom linens for ones in a warmer white color, like ivory or cream.

Blue-based whites are harsher, and ones with yellow undertones help create an atmosphere of light.

If you’re happy with the shades of white in your bathroom, try adding some green – naturally! Most bathrooms are built with plenty of natural light, so your plants will thrive in your white sanctuary.

The constant humidity from showering and other bathroom activities won’t hurt them either. Just make sure you find a good indoor plant, as some need more sunlight than others.

Not sure what to put your plant in? A metallic planter looks beautiful in a mostly-white room and dresses up the aesthetic.

5. Add Mirrors

This is another tip for people who already have white bathrooms and are looking for easy ideas to dress them up. Go to your local thrift or antique store and find small, ideally frameless mirrors in different shapes.

On a plain wall in your bathroom, hang the mirrors gallery-wall style. Not only will this serve as an extra place to get your makeup done when someone is using the counter, but it’ll make the room look brighter and bigger.

Mirrors add depth, as does the color white, so it makes sense to combine the two.

We love this hack in half-bathrooms where you want to add a little interest but not overwhelm a small room with decor.

6. Add Pastel Touches

If you’re trying to soften up a harshly-white bathroom or you’re going for a more shabby-chic look, using pastel towels and other bathroom linens will get you the look you want.

Soft whites and pinks, mints, or even pale blues can transform a boring white bathroom into a place people want to be.

White Bathrooms

If you’ve been shying away from white bathrooms because of the cleaning aspect, don’t! White tile and countertops are the perfect places to use bleach, which makes cleaning a breeze.

There are so many different shades of white and different ways to incorporate tasteful pops of colors, like this linen collection.

What are you waiting for? Start making your bathroom a plush paradise and shop our linens here.

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