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How To Find The Right Bath Linens To Match Your Style

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An average bathroom renovation comes in at $10,399. A more affordable way to give your bathroom a new look is by updating your bath linens. But how do you pick from the rows and rows of towels, bath mats, and other bathroom linens?

Narrowing down the options can seem overwhelming, but buying new bathroom accessories doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you make your purchase, spend time thinking about your personal preferences and personality.

The appearance of bath linens is a major deciding factor. Since they’re on display all the time, you want something that adds to the look of your bathroom.

Performance is also a factor, especially for your bath towels. You want linens that hold up over time and maintain their looks. You also want towels that dry well.

Use these guidelines for choosing the best new bath linens for your bathroom.

Pick Colors for Bath Linens

When your using bath towels to decorate your bathroom, color is an important deciding factor. White, beige, cream, and similar neutrals work well with almost any bathroom design scheme. They offer a light, refreshing look to your bathroom.

Those light neutrals can also feel boring, so choosing a colorful option can brighten your bathroom. It’s an easy way to add a splash of color without painting the walls.

When picking towel colors, consider fading. Dark colors tend to show fading more than lighter colored towels. The fabric may naturally fade over time due to regular use and washing.

Look at other colors and decorations in the bathroom to choose your bath towel color. Pick colors that complement those existing features. Instead of trying to match a blue color you already have in your bathroom, choose a different color that pairs well with it.

Choosing two different towel colors gives your room more interest with the contrast. The contrasting colors also work well for layering towels for display on a towel bar.

You can also color-code your towels if you have multiple bathrooms. It’s easier to put towels away in the correct bathrooms when you choose a different color for each one.

Consider Patterns

Do you prefer solid-colored towels or patterned designs? Solid-colored towels offer a more versatile option that lasts for years, even if your style preferences change. Patterns add a more decorative touch and can bring a little fun to your bathroom.

Some towels have patterns using two or more different colors. This offers the most contrast and stands out the most.

Another option is to choose tone-on-tone patterns that are created with stitching. These integrated patterns are more subtle but just as decorative.

If you can’t decide, consider doing both. You might choose solid-colored bath towels and pair them with hand towels that have a pattern. When you display them, the solid colors offer the perfect backdrop for the patterned towels.

Look at the Trim

The trim and edges of the towels affect the overall look and performance. Banded edges offer a crisp finish and cut down on fraying, which can leave your towels looking nice for longer. 

Many towels have decorative banding or embroidery along the short edges of the towels. This can add a subtle decorative finish to your bath linens. 

Another edging option to consider is fringe. This option adds texture along the edge. Keep in mind the fringe can come loose or unravel over time, which leaves the towels looking old.

Decide on Display Methods

How you display your bath linens can affect the options you choose. If you hang them on a towel bar, the overall design is important.

If you roll them and put them on a shelf, consider the surface that will show. An overall two-tone pattern is more noticeable when the towel is rolled up for display.

Think About Size

Bath towel sizing affects your purchasing decision. Standard bath towels can range from 20 inches wide by 40 inches long to 30 inches wide by 58 inches long. Look for larger sizes to give you more coverage. 

Another option is a bath sheet, which is the largest option. They typically measure 35 inches wide by 60 inches long. This gives you a larger drying surface and makes it easier to wrap the towel around your body after a shower.

Mind the GSM

Looks aren’t everything when purchasing bath linens. A towel’s grams per square meter, or GSM, describes the weight of the towel. The weight affects how the towel feels when you use it and how well it absorbs moisture. 

Lighter towels ranging from 300 to 400 GSM dry quickly, but they don’t hold much moisture before they get soaked. Medium-weight towels between 400 and 600 GSM offer a balance of weight and absorbency. Heavy towels from 600 to 900 GSM absorb a lot, but they can also be difficult to use because of the weight and take much longer to dry. 

Consider the feel you like on your towels. If you like a more substantial towel with extra weight behind it, opt for a higher GSM.

Consider Bath Mats

Another bath linen option to consider is your bath mat. You can find them in square, oval, and round shapes in different sizes. Consider the amount of space you have in your bathroom when picking your bath mat.

Choose a color that works with the bath towels you choose and your shower curtain if you have one. If you choose solid-colored towels, consider a patterned bath mat to bring in some visual interest.

The pile thickness is another consideration. Thick, fluffy bath mats feel soft on your feet and absorb a lot of water, but they may take longer to dry than a lower pile bath mat. Choose a washable mat no matter what the pile height for easy care.

Outfit Your Bathroom

The perk of buying bath linens is there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. Your personal preferences help you make the final buying decision. Since bath linens are relatively inexpensive compared to furniture, you can easily change your mind down the road.

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