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Decorative Towels – Beautify Your Bathroom

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Decorative Towels – Beautify Your Bathroom

Towels are not only practical, functional additions to your home. They also add visual appeal, sprucing up your bathroom and adding a personal touch. Decorative towels are one of those simple additions you can make to turn your house into a home. Your family and friends will appreciate the added sense of hospitality and care.

Below are some tips on beautifying your bathroom with decorative towels.

Find Decorative Towels that Complement Your Color Scheme and Furnishings

If you have a rustic bathroom with wooden accents, consider a subdued hue like cream or beige, to maintain a calm, low-key vibe but with a touch of added beauty. Most towel colors go well with white and light-colored tiles, which create a nice backdrop to the towel; for darker surroundings, consider a light color like hazelnut or waterfall. Towels with patterns, such as Enchante Home Monaco Turkish Towels or Enchante Home Glamour Turkish Towels, provide an additional dash of visual appeal.

Decorative Towels Should Still Be Plush

Just because they’re decorative doesn’t mean these towels should be any lower in quality than the rest of your towel set. After all, they will still go to use. Look for decorative towels that add a sense of deluxe luxury to your home. Turkish towels are made with Turkish cotton that results in exceptional absorbability and plushness. You know that sensation of sinking into a soft robe after a hot shower? That’s the feeling you should look for in decorative towels, too. Your guests will thank you!

Don’t Let Bath Towels Serve Double Duty as Hand Towels

Have you ever been to a house where you have to use the host’s bath towel to wash your hands? We discourage this for a number of reasons, including sanitary concerns and the guest’s likely discomfort. Hand towels are essential to hospitality and convenience. Look for a matching set of bath and hand towels, and leave the hand towels out prominently, so your guests will know to use them to dry their hands.

Some of our favorite decorative towels are the Anton Turkish Towel Set, Signature Turkish Towels, Ellen Turkish Towels.and to see Enchante Home’s towels on sale. Whatever towel set you to use to decorate your bathroom, you will get that warm, fuzzy feeling of being home whenever you see it—which is fitting, because towels themselves are warm and fuzzy!

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