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Do You Know the Best Way to Find a Good Cotton Bathrobe?

cotton bathrobe

Cotton absorbs nearly 27 times its weight in water. If you’re looking for a reliable bathrobe, a cotton bathrobe is your best bet.

Cotton is the sweetest fabric. Processed cotton fibers contain 99% cellulose, a polymer made of a chain of glucose molecules. Glucose is sugar.

If you want in on those sweet, sweet cotton bathrobes, here’s what you should know about finding the best ones:

Look For a 100% Cotton Bathrobe

Luxury bathrobes often contain different fabrics besides cotton. Some manufacturers blend polyester with cotton to make the robe dry faster.

Settle for nothing less than a 100% cotton robe. That way, you know the robe you’re getting is made of pure cotton.

Always read all of the information you can about a bathrobe before you commit to buying it. You might learn that the robe is actually made of 85% cotton and 15% polyester. This blend simply won’t offer you the comfort and warmth a 100% cotton robe will give you.

Cotton Grade/Type

Learn everything you can about the cotton used to create a robe. The more information you’re able to learn about the quality of cotton, the more satisfied you’ll be with your purchasing decision.

There are two grades of cotton: Low-Medium Grade Cotton and High-Grade Cotton.

Low-Medium Grade Cotton is often used for fabric blends and processed goods. It’s the most common type of cotton you’ll find.

Known for elegance and softness, High-Grade Cotton is the good stuff. Some types of High-Grade Cotton you’ll find are Egyptian, Supima, Sea Island, Pima, and Turkish cotton.

Egyptian cotton is especially en vogue. It has a reputation for being the best cotton in the world.

Do yourself a favor and invest in High-Grade Cotton. The quality of the cotton is better, so it will last longer and be more comfortable for you.


A cotton’s staple refers to the length of the singular fibers in the cotton. Staples vary from short staple cotton to long staple cotton.

When choosing a robe, try to find out the staple length. It will tell you a lot about the quality of the robe.

Short staple cotton fibers are usually around 1 1/8″ long. Long staple cotton varies between 1 1/8″ and 1 1/4″ per fiber. Extra-long staple cotton fibers vary between 1 3/8″and 2″ in length.

When choosing luxury bathrobes, go for the longest staple possible. The longer the cotton staple, the more absorbent and soft the robe will be. Long staple cotton is also more durable, smooth, and resistant to wrinkles and fraying than short staple cotton is.

Plus, long staple cotton gets softer as time goes on. Ultimately, long staple cotton is a much better investment than short staple cotton.


Cotton bathrobes come in different sizes. You’ll have to find a size that works for you.

Individual robe sizes vary depending on separate brands. For instance, one brand’s sizes might run bigger than another brand’s size.

Sizing also varies based on gender, but ultimately relies on body size. There are men’s bathrobes which tend to run larger. Women’s robe sizes are generally smaller than men’s, but still come in plus sizes.

Then there are his and hers robes that are unisex.

Sure, size does matter because it determines how well your robe will fit. However, size also matters because it decides how much cotton is used in your robe.

If you’re looking for a larger size, it’s harder to find 100% cotton robes. Manufacturers are more likely to blend fabrics when it comes to larger sizes to save money.

Be diligent and stick to buying a 100% cotton robe in the right size. When looking at different robes, check to see if exact measurements are available. Then measure your bust, waist, and hips to make sure the bathrobe will fit.

Anti-Shrinkage and Wrinkle-Proofing

If there’s one drawback about cotton, it’s that cotton shrinks and wrinkles easily. If a robe isn’t pre-shrunk, you can expect your robe to shrink a bit after the first wash/dry cycle.

Fortunately, there are cotton robes with shrinkage-free and wrinkle-free finishes. If a robe has any of these finishes, the information is usually made readily available.

If a robe isn’t pre-shrunk, buy a size bigger than you normally would. If a robe is shrinkage-proof, buy the robe at the size you normally would.


Cotton is naturally white or off-white. Any color other than white that appears on a cotton robe is color dye.

Synthetic fabrics hold dye better than 100% cotton does. That means a cotton robe’s color will fade faster than a robe made of synthetic fabric. Still, the benefits of cotton robes can’t be beat.

Fading can happen due to chemical reactions that occur in the drying process. Humidity and temperature can also affect dye. Sunlight also causes fading because the UV rays break down the dye in the cotton.

Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent fading.

If you want your robe’s color to last, keep it out of the sun. If possible, opt for air drying instead of using the drying machine. If you do use a washing machine for a color cotton robe, turn the robe inside out to prevent fading.

Certain color robes are made fade-resistant. If you can, learn about the type and amount of dye used in a robe. This will tell you how likely a cotton robe is to fade.

Embrace The Power of Cotton

American paper cash is 75% cotton. A cotton bathrobe is worth every cotton dollar you’ll spend.

Ancient Egyptians grew cotton, but only the High Priest was allowed to wear it. Now, anyone can wear cotton and feel like royalty. Take advantage of cotton’s availability and invest in a 100% cotton bathrobe.

Give yourself a gift that keeps giving and buy a cotton robe now. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

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