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About Enchante Home

Enchante Home is a name that is tantamount to quality Turkish towel. We are known for providing exceptional luxurious towels that are fluffy and soft. We ensure that we give comfort to people who need it. We provide the best quality Turkish towel that will make you look fanciful in an adventure or a beach party.

As a company, Enchante Home has a humble beginning; today it is fast becoming an Icon in the industry they serve. This is because we are very passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. Thus the reason we always go extra mile to delivering values to our customers.

Our Turkish towels are multipurpose – they are not only used after bath, they can also be used for drying dishes, cleaning counter tops and beach holidays. Our fresh cotton Turkish towel offer exceptional comfort that can only derived from only few places around the world.

At Enchante home, we set the best and the most unique Turkish towel around the world. We have different options of Turkish cotton towels ranging from bath towels, beach towels, kids towels, kitchen towels. We have the right collections of luxurious Turkish towels that you can use as an impressive gift for your love ones.

We pride ourselves the best because of the fact that our Turkish towels are hand-loomed, soft, fluffy and naturally dyed in turkey in a unique way. The price of our Turkish towels is highly competitive and our products are very reliable and strong.

The Turkish towels we sell can be used for bathroom decoration, yoga mat, beach spread etc. There are also very perfect for beach and bathing. Recently, some people have started buying Turkish towels from us to use it for scarf. This is because of the fact that our Turkish towels are exceptionally beautiful, colorful and fanciful.

Our Turkish towels have four qualities that make them unique, these qualities are;

  • Quick Drying: Our Turkish towel easily dry off your body after you have taken your bath. It is very soft, fluffy and absorbent. It is gives maximum comfort to people to people when they take their bath. It is the best you can ever wish for.


  • Light Weight: Enchante Home’s Turkish towel is light weighted and easy to pack when you are travelling for adventure or going for a picnic at the beach. Despite the fanciful design, unique quality and wonderful color combination, our Turkish towel is still very light and easy to carry around.


  • Versatile: One of the reasons why most people have developed keen interest in our Turkish towels is the fact that there are very versatile. In other words, they can perform other functions other than drying off your body after bathing. It can be used as a scarf, beach spread, yoga mat, table top, etc.


  • Pure Turkish Cotton: Our Turkish towels are made of pure Turkish cotton; this is why they are softer, fluffier and cozier than other regular towels. Turkish cotton makes them look luxurious and more durable.


All we are concerned about it to provide you an exceptional and unique quality Turkish towel that will give you value for your money. We are your most reliable and trusted partner when it comes to the right, absorbent and cozy Turkish Bath Towel that will give you the comfort that you deserve.  

Enchante Home – A name synonymous to quality Turkish towel

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