How to Get Turkish Towels Soft and Fluffy Again

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How to Get Turkish Towels Soft and Fluffy Again

Turkish towels only last as long as you look after them. If you cram them into your washing machine then hang them up before they’ve fully had a chance to dry, they can become stiff and rough with age. These are bath and beach towels that no one wants to use against their skin.

It is possible to keep your Turkish towels and cotton towels as soft and fluffy as when you first bought them. But just like looking after your most delicate silk blouses it will take a bit of effort. Once you can get into the habit of caring for beach towels and bath towels it will be an easier process.

  • The first bit of advice is to separate your bath towels by colour: whites, light colours, and dark colours. Wash these separately, otherwise, some of the black or purple dyes may transfer to your white towels and that will be annoying.
  • Allow your washing machine to fill with a few inches of water first. Add about half the laundry detergent you would normally use. Most people bath every day so towels shouldn’t be that dirty. You can utilize an old towel for washing pets or cleaning boots. You also don’t want to use too much laundry detergent because it can leave a film on the towels over time.
  • Use only warm water as this absorbs the laundry detergent much better. Let the water dissolve the laundry detergent. After a minute or two it’s safe to add in your towels.
  • Don’t try to overstuff your washing machine. Not only does it make your washing machine wear out more quickly, but the towels won’t be properly washed and rinsed out. Overstuffing will also compress your towels, rather than allowing them to maintain their fluffy shape.
  • Let the washing machine wash your towels until it’s time to add the rinse aid. But instead of using store-bought brands of rinse aids, use an equal amount of vinegar. Most people live in cities where the water is too hard. The vinegar will neutralize the hard minerals to make your towels softer.
  • Once the wash cycle is done, remove the towels from the washing machine and place in the dryer. Choose a medium dryer setting, rather than hot.
  • You may also want to put in a dryer ball or even tennis ball. This will help to keep your towels from bunching up in the dryer. Every twenty minutes, open up your dryer and check the towels. Take them out and fluff them up, then put them back in the dryer.
  • Check your cotton towels on a regular basis. You want to remove them from the dryer at the point when they have turned from almost dry to dry. Do not leave them in the dryer for beyond this point because the heat and air will continue to pull lint from them, which results in hard thin towels.

Follow these tips to get your Turkish towels and all cotton towels soft and fluffy again so you’ll enjoy them for much longer.

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