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A Step by Step Guide to Removing Laundry Stains

laundry stains

There’s nothing worse than buying brand new, luxury bath towels you love, only to lose one to a nasty stain soon after.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your towels, first you need to learn how to properly treat laundry stains to keep them from ruining your new purchase.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to removing all kinds of stains.

Have the Right Products on Hand

If you want to be able to treat your laundry stains and stop them from becoming permanent, you need the right materials.

That’s why the first step to learning how to remove detergent stains and other imperfections is compiling a supply of the right products and tools.

Vinegar, bleach, detergent, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia are all essential basics for fighting stains. Other products that are a good idea to have on hand are petroleum jelly for getting ink off of cloth, paint remover for paint stains, and nail polish removers for getting makeup off of your clothes.

You’ll also need a few simple tools that will help you get stains out. A clean toothbrush, old but clean towels, paper towels, and a plastic knife for spreading stain-fighting solutions are all must-haves in any laundry room.

In addition to learning what products treat stains, you should also learn how to properly wash and care for your towels to keep them looking and feeling great longer.

Treat Stains as Soon as Possible

Once you’ve compiled the right cleaning products and tools, you’ll be ready for this next step, which is treating stains as soon as possible.

Depending on what’s been spilled on your clothing or linens, time can be the difference between a permanent stain soaking into the cloth or an easy-to-fix mistake.

No matter what’s been spilled, treating a stain as soon as possible can increase your chances of getting rid of it.

If you don’t have access to your stain-fighting materials right away, blotting away excess liquid from the stain can help reduce the effect.

Avoid Rubbing and Scrubbing

When you’re working to treat a stain fast in hopes of erasing it, it can be tempting to scrub and rub at the offensive mark.

But doing so is likely only going to spread the stain, and help the liquid soak even further into the cloth.

Instead, gentle blotting and light scrubbing with the right cleaning materials is a much better choice.

Know What Products Fight What Stains

The final step in fighting all types of stains is understanding what products can treat what spills.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for stains. You’ll want to learn fixes for all of the most common spills, such as soda or coffee stains, paint spills, or makeup marks on clothing.

For less common stains, keep a stain-fighting guide on hand to help you figure out the solution fast so that you can start treating the stain right away.

Different types of fabrics should also be treated differently. A bamboos bath towel is more durable and able to hold up to stronger cleaning solutions than a more delicate towel fabric.

Learning to Treat Any Laundry Stains

Now that you know how to treat any kind of laundry stains, you can buy and enjoy your new towels without fear of ruining them.

That means its time to start shopping for your perfect towels. Click here for the ultimate guide to choosing the right ones for you.

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