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How Are Turkish Bath Towels Different From Other Towels?

turkish bath towels

Have you ever dried off after a bath with a Turkish towel?

If you have, you’d remember it. It would bring your experience with towels from “meh” to “wow!” There’s something special aboutĀ Turkish bath towels; they stand out from the rest. Here’s why.

Long-Fiber Cotton

While most towels are made of short, coarse cotton fibers, Turkish towels are constructed with finer material and are therefore more durable.

The extra-long cotton that is used for these towels comes from the Aegean region of Turkey. A pure Turkish towel is made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, and does not contain a terrycloth blend.

While most towels are constructed with a standard weave, Turkish towels are loop-woven. their construction and the length of the cotton fibers results in fewer joins in the fabric. This yields smoother towels that don’t fray or lose color.

Turkish Bath Towels Are Thinner

Turkish towels are not only softer to the touch, but also thinner than terrycloth towels. At first glance, this might seem like a disadvantage. But the more refined cotton holds heat better than standard towels. Also, Turkish towels dry faster.

Thinner towels also store better. You can grow quite a collection of Turkish bath towels — one for every member of your family — and you’re not likely to run out of room in your linen closet. The standard towels are bulkier yet smaller. therefore, they take up more room.

Buying Turkish Towels

A Turkish bath towel, also known as a peshtemal, is on average more expensive than a standard terry towel. This is why taking the time to buy the right set is crucial. When shopping for Turkish bath towels, here’s what you should look for:

  • Buy pure Turkish cotton towels; a terry blend will become less absorbent over time.
  • Avoid Turkish towels labeled “velour.” those aren’t loop-woven and experience more wear over time.

Choose white towels; they are made of un-dyed Turkish cotton. Also, shop for your towels at reputable retailers who specialize in selling towels alone.

Versatility Of Turkish Towels

While other towels are excellent for specific purposes, Turkish towels are more versatile. they can be beach towels or bath towels. You can even use them as wraps or shawls because they are generally aesthetically pleasing.

Caring For Your Towels

Most towels require a similar washing and drying process. When you’re washing your towels, your main objective should be to clean them well without wearing away the color or fraying the fabric.

Turkish towels should be washed in roughly the same way as any other towels. Here are some guidelines to follow for best results:

  • Don’t use fabric softener. It wears down your towels with each wash.
  • During the rinse cycle, add some vinegar to your load. This increases your towels’ absorption.
  • Wash your towels on a hot setting. This clears deep-seeded dirt from the loops of fabric.
  • Dry your towels on the lowest tumble and heat. Hot air causes cotton towels to shrink, and a high tumble frays the fabric.

Towels should be washed after at least one use. The most you should use a towel without washing, assuming regular use, is about three times.

Ready To Shop?

Now that you know the differences between Turkish bath towels and all other types of towels, you are ready to make an educated purchase. Contact us to ask any further questions, or buy the towels you need today.