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How To Choose Bedsheets That Fulfill Your Dreams

how to choose bedsheets

Would you like to know the secret to living your best life? Are you looking for a surefire way to boost your job performance and amp up your social life?

To get ahead in life, all you have to do is sleep. You have to sleep comfortably for at least six hours per night, and you have to wake up refreshed each day.

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a lot harder than it looks, but we think we’ve found a solution. One word: bedsheets. 

In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to choose bedsheets. Sleep may not come easily for the 60 million Americans with insomnia, but having the right bedsheets could help them finally get some rest.

Does Thread Count Really Matter?

If you think all bedsheets are the same, think again. The best type of sheets will cuddle you and have a slight heft to them. They will relax you and allow you to drift off into sleep. 

Thread count is one way that you can tell the quality of a sheet set. It refers to the number of threads that are in a square inch of fabric. 

In general, you’re looking for sheets that have a thread count of 400 or more. You can go lower if you’re looking for a lighter sheet, or you can go higher for a denser-feeling sheet. 

Hotel sheets usually have a thread count of 600 to 800, so they’re semi-heavy. They’ve been washed so many times, though, that they’re soft and silky. 

You may see sheets with thread counts over 1,000, but they might be extremely stiff because the fabric threads are packed in so tightly. If you get high thread count sheets, you may have to wash them two or three times before they loosen up.

How to Choose Bedsheets that Match Your Decor

As you’re looking for the best sheet sets, you have a few choices to make. First, you’ll need to decide what kind of material you’d like. 

Egyptian cotton is one of the most sought-after bedsheet materials, but Pima cotton also has a lovely texture. Both fabrics are used to make luxury towels and shirts. 

If you’re in a hot climate, skip the flannel and go straight to the jersey sheet sets. They feel like soft t-shirts and can wick away moisture. 

You could get linen sheets for the summer, but they get rumpled very easily. Silk sheets are attractive but too hot for warmer weather. Most people opt for cotton because of its soft, relaxing feel. 

If you have a memory foam mattress topper, try to get cooler sheets. Memory foam is notorious for heating up while you’re sleeping, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

Even if you buy your sheets online, go to a bedding store first so you can feel all of their sheets. You’ll know when you find the right material by the way it feels in your hand.

How to Color Coordinate Your Bedroom

Another question to ask yourself is what color you’d like to buy. You can try to match your bedroom furniture, but the eye always welcomes a bright pop of color.

It all comes down to your personal taste. Some people want bright red sheets and blankets, while others want more relaxing neutral tones. 

The good thing about jersey sheets is that they come in a wide range of colors. If you’re not sure what color would work in your room, buy a set of pillows before you invest in bedsheets. 

If you don’t like the color of the pillowcases, you can return them. Some high-end bedding stores can give you swatches to take home. 

That way, you can take your time and decide on your color scheme. 

Some stores also allow you to take a picture of your room and upload it to their website. You can use the room visualizer to figure out exactly what color you’d like for your sheets. 

Best Bed Sheets for People with Allergies

If you’re wondering how to pick bed sheets for people with allergies, we’re here to help. The best sheet material for people with allergies is hypo-allergenic cotton, but there’s also a surprise contender: silk sheets. 

Silk can help repel dust mites and pet dander, making it a great choice for people who suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies. If you think that you’re allergic to your pets, talk to your doctor. 

If you’re going to pick silk sheets, give them a wash before you use them. They may have picked up some dust in the store, and it’s best to remove it.

Sheets made with bamboo fiber are also trending. They can be more expensive, but you’re investing in your health. 

When you get your sheets home, wash them with a few of your towels. The heavy terrycloth will help your bedsheets soften up.

If you have white sheets, you can wash them with vinegar or a little bit of baking soda to keep them bright.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Luxury Sheets and Towels

Now that you know how to choose bedsheets, it’s time to talk about soothing bedtime rituals. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you should develop a nighttime routine. 

Cut off your coffee consumption at 4 pm and limit your screen time after 10 pm. 

You don’t have to burn candles and take bubble baths every night before you go to bed, but you do need to figure out some ways to relax at night. Having the right sheets will help you develop a sense of calm and peace in your bedroom. 

Most importantly, take care of your luxury bedding and towels. Once you’ve found the right bedding, you might want to get two sets so it’s easier to do laundry. 

Quality sheets and towels will get softer as you wash them!

We offer a wide range of luxury towels, robes, pillows, and throw blankets that are made in Turkey. 

Check out our blog and have a look through our online catalog! We’re looking forward to helping you get better sleep!

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