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How to Choose the Best Bath Towels

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How to Choose the Best Bath Towels

Shopping for linens is like taking a trip to another country where a completely different language is used to describe the product.  This is especially true when it comes to understanding the difference in the plethora of bath towel options.  How do you know which is best and what to pick?  Keep reading because we’ve explained how to choose the best bath towels

Towel Size

If you’ve ever bought a towel, brought it home, and opened it up to only be disappointed in the size, you’ll know this feature can be frustrating.  Towels come in a variety of sizes.  The smallest are washcloths and hand towels which are easily recognizable.  When you get to bath towels, this can be where it gets tricky.  A standard towel measures 27″ x 54″.  Larger figures are rarely fully wrapped in these towels.  Oversized bath towels, sometimes called bath sheets, are larger at 35″ x 67″.  Beach towels come even larger, with a standard length of up to 70″ and many manufacturers offer oversized versions of these as well.

Towel Weight

Towel weights actually measure the density of the cloth used in grams per square meter (GSM).  The thinner towels weigh in between 300-400 GSM while those with numbers between 600 and 900 are the thicker, more luxurious feeling towels.  Lower weights will dry quicker while towels at the higher end are more absorbent and thicker.

Towel Cloth

The cloth used in towels also varies quite a bit.  Standard cotton is the more affordable and popular choice.  Egyptian cotton, microfiber, bamboo, and Pima cotton are all used to make bath towels and each has its pros and cons.  Many towels will use a blend of two or more materials to benefit from the better qualities of each.  Leading the pack in luxury and comfort is Turkish cotton.

Turkish cotton bath towels have grown in popularity in recent years.  Turkish cotton has naturally longer fibers compared to another cotton.  These extra-long fibers allow for larger threading and fewer joins, giving the towel more strength.  The higher weight of these towels means they are super absorbent.  And Turkish cotton bath towels get better with each use.  Most towels will become threadbare after countless washings, but Turkish towels actually improve with age.  They get fluffier and softer with each washing, giving you a better towel time and again.

Once you have considered your needs and what you’ll be using your towel for, you’ll be able to balance the weight, size, and cloth to find the perfect towels that fit your lifestyle.  You’ll be able to find any towel in a huge range of colors and patterns, providing almost limitless options within your budget.

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