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How to Fold Towels Decoratively: 6 Cute and Chic Folding Patterns

how to fold towels decoratively

The bathroom in a home is said to be the most important when it comes to selling and purchasing. Bathrooms in the home are usually the rooms that either draw people in or send people away.

However, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling your home or not, having a decorative bathroom is a must. For starters, you could focus on sprucing up the bathroom without needing to do a whole remodel. Do so by knowing how to fold towels decoratively.

Sometimes, knowing how to decorate and display a room properly is all you need to transform it. Not sure how to fold your bathroom towels to impress your guests? Grab an assortment of towel sizes and stick around as we cover all the bases of 6 cute and chic folding patterns!

1. Towel Cake

A towel cake is a multi-tier cake made from your bathroom towels! When finished, you can add rose petals or other floral decorations to tie it all together. This towel folding idea is perfect for when having company stay over. 

Grab two large-sized bath towels, two washcloths, and two hand towels. Take all of the towels and lay them on a flat surface. Fold them lengthwise and then roll them from one side to the other. 

Once folded, you’ll be able to take pins and pin them together to ensure stability. You could also use a beautiful ribbon to keep them together if you prefer. Start with the two larger towels on the bottom, then add the two hand towels on top of those, and finish with the two washcloths on top. 

This creates several layers for a stunning towel cake!

2. Towel Candle

Towel candles are great for setting the mood. They add a romantic feel to any bathroom space. Fortunately, they’re quite simple to make. 

Take a towel and lay it on a flat surface. Fold the towel in half corner to corner. Then, take the folded end, or bottom of the now triangle, and fold it about half an inch. Now, tightly roll the towel from one side to the other. 

Be sure to fluff out the base of it so that it can stand freely. Once complete, take the outer fold on the top of the towel and fold it back. You’ll be left with a candle made from your bathroom towel!

3. Towel Fan

The towel fan is one of the least complicated ways to decoratively fold a towel. But, it never fails to impress. To make a towel fan, lay a towel down on a flat surface and fold one inch of the bottom portion. 

Then, flip it over and repeat. Continue these steps until you cannot fold it anymore. Once you’re done, you can then open the towel up like a fan. 

The towel fan looks great laid out on top of other regularly folded towels or tucked into a towel pocket.

4. Towel Couch

The towel couch is perfect if you’re planning on having company over. It works as a great holder for many items. Once you’ve constructed it, use it to hold toiletries, soaps, notes, and other welcoming bathroom items. 

Grab three large-sized towels and fold each towel in half. Then, roll each towel up as tightly as possible. Place two rolled-up towels side by side. 

Take the third rolled-up towel and place it on the back of the other towels to create a couch. Now you can place any items that you’d like on top of it!

5. Towel Swan

A towel swan is inviting and creative. It’s a friendly companion that you won’t have to worry about feeding. For this towel design, you’ll need one large-sized towel. 

Place the towel on a flat surface and fold the edges of each corner so that you create a triangle. Then, roll the edges until they meet in the center. Take this triangular scroll pattern and morph it into a “Z” shape. 

Now, fold out the bottom of the swan, and set it where you’d like to display it. You can do this a second time to create another swan and have them touching beaks. 

6. Towel Pouch

Towel pouches work great when hanging from a towel rack. They’re used to hold other smaller towels and other bathroom items. To create the towel pouch, you’ll need one large-sized towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth. 

Lay the hand towel on a flat surface and fold the bottom up not completely reaching the top. Then, fold this piece again and flip over. Now, fold both sides of the towel towards the center and place one pocket side into the other.

Turn the towel over and place it on top of the larger towel over a towel rack. Take the washcloth and create the fan shape as described before. Then, tuck the fan-shaped washcloth into the pouch. 

You can also add flowers and other items into the pouch to complete the design.

Know How to Fold Towels Decoratively and Save Money

Why spend money on expense bathroom remolding when you can spruce up bathroom space by learning how to fold towels decoratively? Know that you know the tips and tricks on getting the perfect towel designs done, you won’t have to worry about doing updates. These cute and chic towel ideas are sure to steal the show!

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