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How to Wash Bath Towels Properly

how to wash towels

There’s nothing like being able to offer a cuddly soft bath towel to house guests. Or reaching for one yourself each morning.

It’s one of life’s little luxuries that can put your day off to a great start!

To keep your new bath towels softer for longer, there are some tricks for washing them. Read on to learn how to wash towels properly!

How to Wash Towels

For cuddly, like-new bath towels for longer, let’s look at a few tips to make sure you are washing towels the right way.

You can’t throw towels in the normal wash, with everyday detergent, and expect them to come out soft or last for long.

Don’t Use Them Straight Away

Once you’ve bought your lush bath towels, we know it’s tempting to use the right away. Without an initial wash.


You should always wash and dry bath towels before you use them for the first time. This gets rid of any finishes, such as silicone, that could reduce their absorbency.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub: Throw Vinegar in the Tub!

When you wash, there are some rules and some tricks to follow for best results.

The rule is to wash your new towels with similar colors and in warm water. This will set colors.

The trick is to use only half the amount of recommended detergent. Then, add about 1 cup of white vinegar to the rinse. It will set colors, remove detergent excess, and soften the towels.

Add a cap of vanilla essence or a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil in the rinse for spa-scented towels. Go with lavender if you shower at night and peppermint if it’s more often the way you start the day.

Scrimp on Softener

Commercial fabric softeners build up a waxy residue over time. It can wreak havoc on towel fibers.

If you must use it, try to reduce it to only every four or so washes.

Adding vinegar to the towel rinse is a more effective way of softening towels anyway. It has the added bonus of being a natural disinfectant. It will kill any germs, bacteria or mold in the towel wash.

Take One Tennis Ball

The final trick for super soft bath towels for the long-term is a tennis ball. Yes. Throw a tennis ball into the dryer with your towels.

We have no idea who discovered this little trick, but we promise it works!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Now you know how to wash, dry and scent your new towels to keep them fluffy, soft, and spa-scented. For the long-term.

It’s time to try our tricks and see the difference they make!

If it’s already too late for your sad, sandpapery old towels, then why not treat your home to some new bath towels. You know it’s an investment, now that you know exactly how to wash towels.

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