Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury Bath towels are definitely one of the hard working members of any household. Bath towels can be keeping us clean, warm, dry and protected and most importantly they beautifies our bathroom. Even as important as these luxury materials can be, very little attention is paid when the time to purchase one comes. It is plausible to say only one out of twenty people actually sit back and do a little planning on the type of towel they should buy. Luxury BathTowels just like jewels and cars also need proper planning to achieve optimal results. With the necessary knowledge and the right towel material, your Luxury bath towels can always look as new as when you bought them even after years of thorough use. Even as much energy and ideas are put making our bathroom the perfect one we dream of, it is important to put the most important member of the bathroom into consideration.

We have put together this guide to enable you make the perfect choice that would suit you, your bathroom and your home. This guide would save you time energy and money.


Essentially the Luxury bath towels are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is one of the most profitable and highly utilized plants on earth. Natural cotton rather than organic bamboo cotton towels is the major fabric preferred for production of luxury bath towels, nevertheless there are many different materials also used to produce these towels with most having their own merit and demerits. For example some towels are super soft but with little absorbency as compared to others. Towel manufacturers prefer cotton because it is ultra-soft and super-fluffy with high absorbency rate, texture, softness and longer life span. Cotton does it best!

Even as over 80% of towels are made of cotton, the quality of the towel depends greatly on the type of cotton used and its origin.

In addition, spending more on towel is also important. Reasonably expensive towels have better moisture-sucking-capacity (absorbency).



All towels have fabric weight measured in grams per square meter (GSM). A gram per square meter is the density of the fabric used in making the towel. The higher the GSM the thicker the towel size and the higher absorbency rate and likewise the lower the GSM the lighter the towel and the lower the absorbency rate. Luxury towels have higher fabric weight.


The thread count of a towel is almost as important as its cost and GSM. Towels with high thread counts are wonderful. In connection with the TTC, the loop size of the towel should also be put into consideration. Bath Towels with thin loops has better absorbency compared to those with considerably large loops (holes). Lookout for towels with higher threads count and low loop size.

  • Turkish Towels

Turkey is one of the producers of high quality cotton products in the world and the towels made from Turkish cotton have high quality and durability. They take little space yet they have a very high absorbency rate. Turkish towels often times called Peshtemal are really fluffy and easy to wash.

Turkish towels are luxurious, strong, soft, super absorbent with longer fibers. They are likewise easy to wash.

  • Others

The other type of cotton with reasonably high quality are:

  • Organic cottons towels
  • Pima cotton towel – grown in the South America (These as the same plant as the Egyptian Cotton plant)
  • Bamboo cotton towels
  • Microfibers blend towels (A polysynthetic type of cotton used in making towels)


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