The Must-Haves of a Bathroom

The Must-Haves of a Bathroom

The Must-Haves of a Bathroom

Bathrooms may seem like the least exciting rooms in your home to decorate, but in fact, they’re some of the most important andThough guests will spend less time in the bathroom than, for instance, the living room, they will surely use the bathroom at some point during a visit, and they will undoubtedly notice the decor. Of course, you also spend time there yourself, so it should be nice not only for your guests but for you too! Here are some must-haves of a bathroom that is comfortable and calming—and a true part of your home. (We’ve left the absolute essentials off this list because we assume your bathroom already comes with bath or shower.)

Nice Lighting – We’ve all been in a bathroom with lighting that seems to create wrinkles where we never knew they existed. Instead, opt for lighting that is more attractive than a standard overhead bathroom light—such as a sconce over the mirror—or that is more flattering, like dimmer lights. 

Decorative Towels – Decorative towels are too often overlooked when it comes to bathroom decor, yet they can add so much to your bathroom, from accent colors to a splash of personality. Turkish towels are well known for their visual appeal, which is so compelling that they are sometimes worn as scarves. Some of our personal favorite bathroom accent pieces are the Enchante Home Becky Turkish Towel and the Enchante Home Monaco Turkish Towel. You may wish to display decorative towels on an attractive bench or towel rack, or within open-facing storage.

Storage – Even the tidiest among us end up collecting more toiletries than we know what to do with. Bathroom storage, like the rest of your bathroom decor, can have some personality. Options include hanging racks, corner tables with drawers, or vertical cubbies. You can check for great bathroom storages. 

Bath mat – Bath mats are practically useful, of course, absorbing water that would otherwise get all over the bathroom floor. Especially if you live in a humid area where mold is an issue, that’s the last thing you want. But bath mats have an aesthetic value as well, serving to complement the rest of your bathroom decor. To paraphrase a wise man, a rug can really tie a room together. Look for a bath mat that has a similar look and feel to your towel sets. Some of our personal favorite bathroom accent pieces are the Vague Bath Mats and Enchasoft Bath Mats.

Mirrors – Mirrors make spaces seem larger than they are, which is particularly helpful in what is probably one of, if not the, smallest rooms in your home. Your bathroom likely comes with a mirror over the sink; consider strategically adding another or two.

Accent pieces – Besides decorative towels, other accent pieces run a wide gamut—everything from a clock to framed prints to a colorful shower curtain. Despite its reputation as an uninteresting room, the bathroom can be creative and enjoyable, with plenty of character. Have fun with it!