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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Beach Towels

quality beach towels

Buying quality beach towels isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you don’t buy the right towel, you’ll have a less than a satisfactory time at the beach. Certain aspects, like material, size, and thickness, can either make a beach towel good or bad.

Make sure you look for these things if you want to get a quality beach towel this summer.

Make Sure It Absorbs Water

People use beach towels to dry off and to lay in the sun. So if your beach towel doesn’t dry quickly, you’ll find yourself sitting on a damp, sandy, uncomfortable mess. When it’s time to head home, shaking all that sand out of towel will be a difficult job.

That’s why you need a water-absorbent towel. These types of towels soak up moisture, meaning it dries incredibly fast.

Instead of picking up the first cheap beach towel you find, look for towels make of water-absorbent materials like terrycloth or cotton.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

You’ll be wrapped in or laying on this towel for hours, so it has to feel comfortable. Cheap beach towels may look nice, but their rough fabric can be itchy and painful.

Look for something a bit higher in quality. Again, cotton beach towels are some of the most comfortable out there.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Thick

Thick doesn’t make a towel more comfortable. In fact, a thick towel could just make your day at the beach more of a chore.

For example, a thick towel is a bulky towel. Even when it’s folded, it takes up a lot of space in your bag. This might mean you have to carry more bags to fit everything else you need (food, sunscreen, books, bathing suit, change of clothes, etc.).

Thick towels are heavy when they get wet, and shaking the sand out of heavy towels is hard.

Make Sure It’s the Right Size

Towels can be way too big and way too small. Ideally, you want a towel that’s at least as long as you are tall.

In towel talk, this will be about 60 inches by 28 inches. This is a good towel size for most beachgoers. If it’s still too small, you might want to look into a beach blanket instead.

Make Sure It’s Affordable

A cheap beach towel may seem ideal at first, but it’s always better to spend a bit of extra money and buy a towel that will last.

Thin beach towels, usually anything less than $10, won’t last more than a few beach trips without starting to wear out. If you purchase a cheap towel, you’ll have to buy three or four to get you through the summer.

So buying a slightly more expensive towel at the beginning will save you money in the long run.

Make Sure It’s the Right Color

But there’s no rhyme or reason to choosing a towel color, right?

Actually, the color of your towel can be important.

Darker towels absorb more heat. So if you don’t want to feel like you’re cooking, you may want to avoid colors like grey or black. Your towel will spend a lot of time outdoors, and light colors, like yellow, can stain easily.

Bright colors and loud patterns can also help you pick out your towel in a crowd when you drift down the shore in the waves.

Pick Quality Beach Towels

Finding quality beach towels is a lot more involved than just heading to the store and buying the first towel you see. If you don’t take things like size, material, price, etc. into account, you’ll end up with a towel that’s not comfortable and that won’t last.

Looking for a good beach towel this summer? Head over to our store and take a look at some of our options.

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