Reasons to buy a new beach towel in 2018

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It is officially a new year, a new year is a brand new beginning which is why you can relax for some time before going back to your normal daily life. If you are a beach lover, then you should definitely go to the beach and unwind. Beaches are wonderful, they offer one of the best forms of relaxation and fun. The salty air and sand provide an avenue for exciting outdoor activities. When going to the beach, there are few important and necessary things to take along with you, one of those things is the beach towel .

Beach towels are a necessary item when going to the beach, they are also a fashion statement as well, as well as a source of comfort and luxury A new year also brings forth new things, we buy new clothes and shoes- our beach towel and beach blankets also deserves a change in 2018.

This year, there are various trendy beach towels and beach blankets that will want to make you change your old beach towel, basically, you would not want to appear outdated the next time you go to the beach. 2018 offers different options to explore with different kinds of beach towels, these include:

  • Round Beach Towels: round beach towels are trendy right now and you cannot afford to miss out especially because of its usefulness. While beaches are appealing because of the sand that surrounds them, we also try to avoid the sands as much as possible because it could be uncomfortable and hot sometimes, this is why you need a round beach rowel. With a round beach towel, you do not need to stay stiff in one state on a long tiny towel, you can roll around comfortably without accidentally touching the sand. The sweet thing about round beach towels is that they are pretty and functional.
  • Cotton Beach Towels: cotton beach towels offer comfort and luxury, they are soft and comfortable. Many beaches offer cotton beach towels because they are cheaper to replace and can be bleached as many times as desired. Beach cotton towels are usually made of velour, a terrycloth cotton towel which makes them less puffy and easier to print on, many beach towel prints are done on cotton towels of this kind.
  • Kids Beach Towels: kids need a new beach towel too. Kids beach towels are cute and are essential for drying off- you do not want your kids to complain of the cold. There are several trendy kids beach towels to get your kids this year, character beach towels are the most trendy for your kids, they even make your kids love going to the beach more because they want to use their character beach towels, hooded beach towels are also cool for your kids, they are also functional as they help dry the hair and shield the sun when it becomes too much.
  • Microfiber Beach Towels: these are made of microfibers which are silk threads. Microfiber towels are made from polyamide/polyester. a lot of people love microfiber towels because of t has a large absorbent surface

You also need to change your towel this year because you need the right towel. Many people are unaware of the right towel for them, hence end up using the wrong towel. There are several things to consider when buying the right beach towel, this include:

  • Durability: many beach towels cannot last long because they are not durable, which is why you have to change to a sustainable beach towel this year. The new beach towels are designed to last a long time and are durable.
  • Eco-friendly: one of the things people are bent on looking out for in 2018 is eco-friendly beach towels. The old ways of producing and manufacturing beach towels have been proved to be environmentally unfriendly, people now want to look out for eco-friendly beach towels because they care about the significance of looking out for the environment which is why you need an ecofriendly beach towel
  • Your Height: you can know your height by measuring yourself or having someone else measure you. Knowing your height is important because of the various sizes beach towels comes. It could be disappointing when you purchase a beach towel that does not fit your body.
  • Color Or Design: you need to choose the right color and design that suits your shape and personality. It is important to get a color that goes along with other beach accessories, you would not want to be looking like a lackluster rainbow from across the beach. Moreover, 2018 is the year to express yourself with colors and make a fashion statement that is unique.
  • Choose Your Favorite Beach Towel Style: when going to the beach, comfort is of outmost importance. Whether it plain old rectangular towels of round towel, deciding which one gives more comfort is very important, you do not want to turn your fun beach time to dull beach time or cut your beach vacation short because of discomfort.

A lot of people have not considered getting a new beach towel because they often feel regular towels can serve the same purpose. Many people usually think a beach towel is the same a regular towel which is why you see a lot of people bringing regular towels to the beach. If you belong to this category you should change to a beach towel this year because they are different.  There are several ways to distinguish a beach towel from a regular towel, these include:

  • Dimensions: while a regular towel is usually between 52 to 58 inches, beach towels are around 70 inches and long enough to lay on without touching the sand
  • Appearance: for beach towels, everything is about appearance, beach towels are brightly colored compared to regular towels making them easy to spot and make a statement.
  • Thickness: a beach towel is thinner than the regular bath towel because its major significance is top serve as a barrier between the sand and the body. Their major significance is top serve as a barrier between the sand and the body. They are also designed to dry off easily unlike regular towels.

Getting a new beach towel this year is a must because you need to stay on top of your beach fashion game with trendy and eco-friendly beach towels that will provide comfort and will also prove to last long.

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