The 7 Types of Towels Every Household Needs

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The 7 Types of Towels Every Household Needs

The 7 Types of Towels Every Household Needs

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a big, fluffy towel to dry off with. Just ask Mark Cuban, who spent his first big paycheck on replacing his old and ratty towels with some high-end ones.

But when you’re starting from scratch with your towel collection, you may be surprised at just how many there are to choose from. And which ones does your bathroom actually need?

We’ve got the 7 types of towels you need to make your bathroom feel like a sanctuary.

1. Bath Towels

The first type of towel that you’ll need right away is a bath towel.

This is the towel you reach for right when you get out of the shower or bath.

Typically, bath towels will either come in 27 x 52 inches or 30 x 58 inches. So if you like to have a lot of towels to work with, the larger size may be your go to. But keep in mind, the bigger the towels, the less you can wash at one time.

2. Bath Mats

These will save you the headache of wiping up your bathroom floor every day.

Your bath mats are placed directly in front of your shower or bath to sop up all the water dripping off you when you get out.

For choosing the right size, you may need to do a little measuring. If your bathroom is on the smaller size, a 20 x 30-inch bath mat will most likely fit best. While larger bathrooms will more easily be able to fit a 24 x 36-inch mat.

3. Wash Cloths

Washcloths are great to have around the house for washing your face, as well as doing double duty around the house.

These smaller towels typically come in either 12 x 12 inches or 13 x 13 inches. And if you’re wanting to get the most use out of your towels, washcloths can also be used for cleaning dishes, making them small but mighty.

4. Hand Towels

These are the towels that you almost don’t notice until they’re not there.

Hand towels do just what they imply: dry your hands. And while they may not seem very necessary, you may change your mind when you’re frantically searching your bathroom with wet hands.

The typical size for hand towels is 16 x 32 inches, however, there’s sometimes the smaller option of 15 x 28 inches. And these can even double as kitchen towels to get more bang for your buck.

5. Clean Up Towels

Sometimes you need things that are dedicated to being dirty.

Having some not-as-nice towels on hand can be helpful for those accidental instances where you need some major clean up.

Keep your fluffy towels off the market when it comes to sopping up big messes and let these do the work for you.

6. Beach Towels

These will be the largest towels you’ll own.

Beach towels are great to have for pool days or any other fun events where you may need a towel with a more real estate. You can get these as big as 40 x 70 inches.

Keep them for a day of fun in the sun or your next big adventure.

7. Decorative Towels

Decorative towels are one of the easiest ways to add color and style to your bathroom while keeping it functional.

Have a little fun with these and play with accents like tassels, fringe, or embroidery. These are great to have in your guest bathroom as an option for drying hands off.

Your Top Types of Towels

Getting these 7 types of towels will keep your home soft, fluffy and clean.

And for more making your home comfy and cozy, check out our site for high-quality Turkish cotton pieces.