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The Ultimate Introduction to Turkish Towels

Turkish towels

Why scrape your body dry with a thick, stiff, heavy towel when you can allow the moisture to be gently removed from your body by a luxuriously soft and supple Turkish towel?

Turkish towels are so much more than regular towels, so keep reading to find out more about our Enchante Home Turkish Towels. We fully believe that you’ll fall just as in love with them as we have.

What is a Turkish Towel?

Made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton, Turkish towels are hand-woven on traditional wooden looms using long-fiber cotton. It’s the length of the fibers that give these towels their unique characteristics.

The long fibers draw water into them quickly since the water only has to move along one continuous fiber rather than moving to different ones. Because of that, Turkish towels are also thinner than regular towels without compromising absorbency.

They’re lighter and larger than regular towels, too. While a regular towel measures 27 by 52 inches, a Turkish towel is 40 by 70 inches so it’s easy to wrap all the way around your body.

What are Turkish Towels Used For?

While you can use these as everyday towels in your bathroom, they’re also great beach towels. Their thin fabric also makes them great to use as a scarf, light blanket, swimsuit cover, or so much more.

Our Enchante Home Beach Towels are made of the same long-fiber cotton as our other Turkish towels but come in a variety of vibrant color options. You’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality.

Because they dry quickly, you never have to drag a damp towel home from a day at the beach. Just hang it in a sunny place for 20 minutes before you leave and you can tuck it into your bag next to your book.

Many people love them for traveling because they are lightweight yet versatile. They don’t take up much room in your suitcase, and if you get cold, you can always pull it out to use as a blanket.

Even around your home, you can also use them as a blanket, bath mat, or a wall tapestry as each one is an intricately-woven piece of art.

How to Care for Turkish Towels?

By now you’re likely wondering how to take care of these amazing towels. Surely something so incredible must be difficult to care for, right?


Turkish towels are incredibly easy to care for and actually get better the more often they’re washed. Many of our satisfied customers have noticed that their towel became softer and more absorbent over time.

To care for your Turkish towel, just follow these three recommendations:

  1. Wash in the machine using a gentle wash cycle and hang to dry
  2. Never use bleach, dryer sheets, or fabric softener as these chemicals get trapped in the fibers and make them less absorbent
  3. Wash before using for the first time

And that’s it! It’s really that easy to take care of these amazing towels.

Where to Buy Turkish Towels?

If you’re ready to own one of these incredible towels, check out our Enchante Home towels on sale.

It’s a great place to find Turkish towels at a discount so you can try one out for yourself.